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Drivers: Globally, about 30% of sports science research includes data from female participants. More shocking than this is the fact that only 6% of global sports science research is exclusively conducted on women and girls in sport.   

This means that 70 – 94% of all training plans, clinical interventions, policies, nutrition advice, supplements and psychological support guidance are systemically biased towards males. The females’ unique biology in sport is not addressed, added to which, for female athletes in Africa, their socio-economic and religio-cultural contexts are not accounted for.  

Interventions and policies that do not consider the intersection between biology and the socio-economic or cultural contexts are likely to fail if not adapted for context. This failure comes with costly clinical and financial implications.  

Description: As an organisation, we are challenging the male-biased narrative and leading the charge in conducting more research on female African athletes.  

We aim to relocate the sports science knowledge hub into Africa and establish a research base for the female African athletes of today and the future. This will empower them, and those who support them, to make evidence-based, informed decisions on the care of female athletes. 

Our scientific advisory services will translate relevant research evidence into actionable industry applications, build research capacity, conduct commissioned research, produce targeted training and continually enhance the health of female athletes.  

There are significant capital benefits from our scientific advisory services that drive effective R.O.I. and cost savings. Investments into new policies, equipment or programs will be supported by context-relevant research thus avoiding ineffective and wasted expenditure.  

The organisation is thereby empowered to make scientifically sound, informed decisions (not pseudoscientific gimmicks) that are feasible within their environment and relevant to their needs. More effective policies and information on female athletes’ health, sporting performance, and injury prevention will drive overall increased participation and success. 

We can also monitor interventions on your behalf to assess progress.  

This Service Suits: Sporting federations, teams, government departments and NGOs. It is in their interest that the specific needs of women and girls in sports are researched. Training schedules, clinical interventions and policies will be more effective, financial loss avoided and sporting participation and results will increase. 

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