Ntombi Sport

How We Enable Success In Female Athletes

Academically and in practice, our team has expertise in physiotherapy, sports and exercise sciences, social sciences, mental health and nutrition. As experts and professionals, we bring the critical female human elements of living and experiencing the relevant socio-economic, religio-cultural contexts which inherently inform our practice.  

This leverages outcomes that are relevant to the African context and female athletes. Our two services, performance research and consulting, are affordable and flexible. We work within your resource limits to improve participation, identify injury risks, optimise training and prevent injuries.


Our consultancy service uses a strength-based approach to identify your present resources and specific needs. 

We then design clinical or educational strategies that are specific to your resource profile and optimise them to achieve your set goals.  

This sustainable approach ensures that our strategies and interventions are customised to your biology and specific circumstances and can be achieved. 

We also monitor interventions for athletes and organisations to assess their progress and success. 

Our pricing is affordable to make these important solutions accessible.

Programme Objectives: We aim to translate relevant scientific research evidence into actionable industry applications, build research capacity, conduct commissioned research, design targeted training, and engage in the area of African, female athlete health.  

Sustainable + Relevance + Science = Successful

The Benefits: Our athletic clients benefit from enhanced, relevant, sustainable clinical and performance strategies. Expect optimised performance, reduced injuries, education and training of team members.  

Our organisation clients benefit from effective R.O.I. and cost-savings. Before investing in new policies, equipment or program commitments, the organisation appoints us to collect and synthesise research data, policy documents or research about female athlete health, related sporting performance, and injury prevention. The organisation is thereby empowered to make scientifically sound, informed decisions that are feasible within their environment and relevant to their needs.  

Who We Consult To:

Women and girl athletes, player support personnel, sporting (international, national, provincial) federations, governmental and non-governmental departments.

What We Offer:

We conduct educational workshops and programs for African women and girl athletes, support staff and management. With these workshops, we aim to enhance and increase the health, participation and performance of women and girls in sport.