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CLINICAL STRATEGY PACKAGE: Development of clinical and performance strategies for teams and individual athletes 

Description: You receive context-relevant, affordable clinical and performance strategies. You tell us where you are, what you have, where you want to be and together, we assess the path to success. The clinical or performance strategy will optimise your available resources, maintain your athletes’ health, reduce injury risk, and improve performance. The solutions will be evidence-based and will consider the socioeconomic, religio-cultural context and are tailormade for you. This package can be onsite or virtual. 

The Package Suits: Sports teams, sporting federations, government departments and NGOs. It can be a stand-alone package or be incorporated into a larger programme. 

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FITNESS TESTING PACKAGE: Field-based, sport, and sex-specific fitness testing. 

Description: This will provide you with a benchmark of current fitness levels and data to direct your training. This can be done preseason, midseason, end-of-season, following injury rehabilitation or before an athlete transfer. The fitness tests will include, but not be limited to, these assessments: 

Body composition  
Flexibility and joint mobility  
Muscle strength and endurance  
Agility and speed  
Aerobic (V02 max) and anaerobic tests  
Balance/ coordination  

Female athlete program: 

  • Women’s  menstrual cycle-specific and sports fitness assessment  
  • Women’s hormonal cycle and sport Psychological assessment


The Package Suits: Sports teams and individual athletes 

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INJURY RISK ASSESSMENT: Designed to identify/highlight biomechanical, neuromuscular and environmental/equipment risk factors associated with injury.  

Description: This provides a holistic view of athletes’ injury risk. This is often done preseason but can occur at any time. Following this, the team or athlete collaborates with our academics and professionals to build a tailormade program to mitigate the identified injury risks. The assessments will include: 

Intrinsic injury risk (60 mins): 

Assessment of movement quality Musculoskeletal assessment. 
Psychological assessment.  

Extrinsic injury risk (60 mins): 

Training load. 
Equipment (including sports bra fit assessment). 
Field assessment. 

The Package Suits: Sports teams, individual athletes, educational institutions. 

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FEMALE ATHLETE TRAINING PROGRAMME: Our strength and conditioning (S&C) programs are tailormade to meet the individual athletes’ performance needs to reduce injury risk, correct movement deficiencies and optimise performance.  

Description: This provides endurance improvement, movement economy, strength and power, speed, mental stamina, and recovery. The individual’s programs will be tailored in line with fluctuations of the menstrual cycle hormones. This capitalises on the unique physiological processes that occur at the different phases of the menstrual cycle and minimises the negative effects on performance. The programme includes: 

Preliminary performance consult (30 mins): 

One-on-one performance coach consultations on performance goals and improvement methodologies. 

S & C program development (teams/ individuals): 

Individualised programme tailored to your menstrual cycle and performance goals, psychology strategy, nutrition guidance. 
Pre and Post programme testing sessions. 
The Package Suits: Sports teams, individual athletes.  

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EDUCATION AND TRAINING: African women and girls sports research is sparse to non-existent. Female athletes, and their support network, have insufficient relevant information to support informed decisions on women’s biology and sport. This specific education void has impacted African women’s participation and success in physical activity and sport and their management.  

Description: This will provide context-relevant conversations on “girls’ issues” in sport and exercise and, thereby, improve knowledge, injury prevention strategies, performance, fuelling and recovery in your female athletes.  

Available workshops (60 mins; 40 min presentation, 20 min Q&A): 

Psychology of the female athlete 
Haircare and exercise 
Breast health and sports bras 
Female-specific nutrition, and fuelling 
Female-specific injuries and illnesses  
The menstrual cycle and menstruation in female athletes 
Hormonal contraception 
Pregnancy, sport and exercise 
Menopause, sport and exercise: 

  • Peri-menopausal female athletes
  • Menopausal female athletes


Pelvic dysfunction 
The female para-athlete 
Society and female sport 
General considerations for the female athlete

Versions of the workshops: 

For the adult athlete 
For the adolescent athlete 
For the athlete support personnel (coaches, medics, parents, teachers)
For policymakers 

This Package Suits: Female athletes, their support network and those who manage them. 

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