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The Scientific Lens On African Female Athletic Success

Welcome to the home of Afrocentric, female athletic success.


We are an African-centric, context-sensitive sports science consultancy dedicated to optimising the health and performance of African female athletes.  

Our academics and consultants proactively enhance the effect of scientific data with the human-relevant factors of circumstances, gender and budget for women of colour (WOC) in sport. 

We believe that by doing things our way, the African way, we can achieve uhuru (freedom) in sport for women. The freedom to participate in sport as we are. The freedom to be us. 

We want to retire the label “continent of deprivation” by empowering our clients by tapping into Africa’s many resources. Together we will identify the resources and solve our challenges, from within, for African sports health solutions.  


Our Tools: Extensive clinical and research expertise & evidence-based solutions with a specific focus on the biology, socioeconomic, and religio-cultural context of female athletes. 

Our Methods: Holistic analysis of the complete woman and girl athlete experience. 

Our Outcomes: Optimal sports results, reduced women-specific sports injuries and improved participation & performance for female athletes.

Biology + Context + An African Lens = 

Relevant, Affordable, Empowered Sports Solutions

We develop women and girls in sport and increase the capacity of those who support them through educating, informing and services.


The word ‘intombi’, which means ‘girl’ in Ndebele, Zulu, and Xhosa. South Africans & Zimbabweans use these languages. So loosely translated, NtombiSport means ‘sports for girls‘.


With 70 – 94% of research and solutions excluding women and girls in sport (specifically Africans), our academics and consultants are pioneering change.  

Gender-specific, fundamental biological changes such as the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, peri- and menopausal phases receive insufficient sports research. These affect participation, performance, well-being and sports injury in women and girls. 

Our Mission: A compelled response to the research void on female athletes and their context. We challenge this narrative by leading research on African female athletes and developing context-niche solutions.  

The athletes, and their support network, can then make evidence-based decisions to take their wellness, quality of life and performance to a new paradigm. Read More

How We Enable Success In Female Athletes

Evidence based & content relevant education, performance enhancement, and injury prevention for African women and girls in sport.

COSAFA tournament in Qheberha, South Africa in 2021